Rewinding-Galaxy Prints.

It has been a while i have posted anything. Been too lazy to type or write anything as such. But now I’m determined to bring this blog to life. I have always been a fan of Galaxy prints ever since I saw Christopher Kane’s Collection. And I will never get fed up of this print. Soon I’ll show you my take on galaxy print.I have seen so many variation of Galaxy prints around-Dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes, nail paints etc. Here are some collection of Galaxy prints i have made over this time. Hope you like it.

Image Source:

I have been dying to own this shoe. At times, I though I’ll just buy a black wedge and paint them myself. But I feel it will never come out as good as this picture. Sadly it cost about $150 which is way out of my reach unless of course I sell one of my kidney. Just kidding!

Image Source: (Cannot remember ^^, )

I got this image after i googled Galaxy prints. Love the collage. 🙂

Image source:

I actually have this skirt. It is very pretty and the material is also so soft. Worth the money I spent on it.

Image Source:

I would love to try this on my nails someday. There are lots of tutorial on Youtube but the result are not as pretty as this one.

Image source: Aqua by Aqua

I have no words to describe this dress. It was a must-have dress for me. But sadly it is out of stock.

Image Source: From Christopher Kane Collection

One thing is for sure. I can never afford this.

Image Source: (I’m not quite sure of where i got this image)

Don’t like this print so much but it is definitely eye-catching.

Image source:

I just love this ring. Cost about $7 when I last saw it.

There are more images I have stored but those are not worth sharing it. Hope you liked my post. Until then, Stay safe! 🙂


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